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Four Things To Remember To Do To Save Money When Job Hunting

Posted on March 31, 2016 by Daniel at 7:33 pm

Job hunting isn’t always the cheapest endeavor, which is kind of ironic because if you didn’t need money you wouldn’t be looking for a job. Because of this, it can be helpful to know some hints that can save you some money, whether it’s immediately or in the future.

Don’t let job hunting put you into more debt than you may already be. Instead, work on being a more savvy job hunter with these tips.

Save Receipts

Save all of your receipts. You may not know this, but you can get tax break for job hunting when you do your taxes next year. However, you need to have those receipts.

Save the ones for the clothes you bought for applying and for interviewing. Save the ones for meals you needed to eat while you were out hunting, or even the soda or water you bought to keep your voice going through interviews. Even keep your gas receipts.

Track Your Gas Mileage

When it comes to claiming the gas you’ve used for your job hunting, make sure you are keeping track of actual mileage and saving your receipts. You’ll want both when it comes tax time. Try keeping a notebook in your vehicle where you can write down the mileage to and from interviews and places you’ve applied.

You can also keep your receipts right there in that notebook to match up when it comes time to work on taxes. You can even put notes on your receipts to remind you which job it was for, for matching up to your mileage tracking.

Apply Online When You Can

Applying to jobs online can save you both time and money. There are numerous job sites to look for employment through, and you can also look directly at business websites as well. Whether you have a specific job you are looking for, or you’re not sure, online job hunting can be a great way to see what work is out there.

This cuts down on the wear and tear of your vehicle, it means less money in the gas tank, and typing is much easier than writing. Many places encourage people to apply online these days, especially in the retail industry.

Dress For The Job You Want

Don’t forget that you need to be dressing for the job that you want, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend hundreds of dollars on a suit. Sure, you can claim it on your taxes, with any luck, but that’s still money out of your pocket now.

To save money, shop at big box stores, or even thrift stores, instead of the more high end places. You cans till find great clothes that will have you looking like management material, but the price tag will be a lot easier to deal with.

Insights on money, career and trading