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Insights on money, career and trading

4 of the top paying jobs in the UK

Posted on November 25, 2015 by admin at 4:05 pm


Choosing a course in college is not about indulging yourself, but preparing for your future. You might be an expert shopper at Curry’s, but there is not a lot of demand for personal shoppers. Your education entails a significant investment, so you want to make sure that you can make it back when you graduate, especially if you have a student loan to pay off. Here are the top four courses that pay a decent wage. (more…)

4 Ways to Get Legal Help Affordably

Posted on November 19, 2015 by admin at 4:46 pm


There are few situations in life more stressful than when you hit legal trouble. It can be any number of scenarios that have arisen, but the common problem is that you cannot afford to hire a lawyer. They say in some situations you “have to spend money to save money.” But when your assets need protecting or your reputation is at stake, finding the cash can be a struggle. Fortunately, there are many options available for individuals who do not have the cash for legal aid. Included here are a few affordable options for people who need legal help. (more…)

Four Ways To Build Opportunities When You’re Broke

Posted on November 18, 2015 by admin at 5:07 pm


We can’t all be born into financial privilege.  Some of us have to really push ourselves to not mimic the lives of our predecessors.  Just because you weren’t born into financial security, most certainly does not mean that you will have to stay in that state of poverty for the rest of your life.  It is possible to move up in class, and people do it every day.   (more…)

4 Ways To Watch Financial Trends In Industries

Posted on November 18, 2015 by admin at 4:58 pm

Pen, rulers, magnifier, paper-clips and calculator (in blues)

Money is at the heart of so many decisions that you’ll make as an adult, that it can sometimes be difficult to keep everything straight. And, particularly when you need to make personal or professional decisions regarding certain industries, you’ll want to have a watchful eye on how their finances are working out for them. (more…)

21 reasons you should apply for this classroom training right now!

Posted on November 12, 2015 by admin at 10:57 am


Becoming Agile is no more a fad. It is a necessity that drives businesses and enables one take decisions and actions that promote quality and credibility. When wanting to deliver fast and efficient results, industry veterans turn to Agile for their software development projects. Most supporters of Agile would agree that the one good thing about it is that it preserves the interests of all involved, be it the customer, the team or other stakeholders. An organization is happy to adopt Agile, because irrespective of the size of the project, Agile will work. It can be scaled to handle large projects and can be used to accomplish small projects as well. Faster ROI, lower risk, lower defect rate, more transparency in processes, and better communication between various levels are some of the advantages that one can get by implementing Agile. (more…)

Ways to Make Your Retirement Safer

Posted on November 6, 2015 by admin at 9:20 pm


Are you one of those people who dreams of going away up the Nile in a hot air balloon some day? Maybe that scene from the Pixar movie UP gave you the shivers. You’re probably a working class person who feels like you are meant for greater things. If this is true, you can’t just leave your job now to do the things you have always wanted. (more…)

Insights on money, career and trading