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What Does it Mean to be “Poor” in Different Places in the World?

Posted on September 6, 2013 by admin at 2:30 pm


Poverty is often defined by the amount that a person has in money and material possessions, this can lead to extreme poverty, and even destitution. This level of poverty refers to the deprivation of basic human needs, including shelter, clothing, food and education. However, there is also relative poverty, which is defined as the economical state of the society you live within.


How to Buy Property in Spain and Make a Profit

Posted on September 6, 2013 by admin at 2:23 pm


Property investment remains to be one of the safest ways to make money in a short amount of time, and Spain continues to be a popular choice for many people. Over the last few years,  the property market in Spain has undergone rapid changes, and not all of these were beneficial. The worldwide crisis had a massive impact on the way that people spent their money, and this affected property markets in Spain.


Career Advice: How to be a Teacher in the UK

Posted on September 6, 2013 by admin at 2:11 pm



Teaching is an incredibly fulfilling career to choose, and there are many different rewards which will ensure that you enjoy your job. It can be a challenging job, but alongside the frustrations, there are many incredible moments. If you are interested in becoming a teacher in the UK, you may be confused where to begin.


5 Incredible Reasons Moving To The UK Will Save You Money

Posted on September 10, 2014 by admin at 6:51 am

If you want to save money and you’re ready for an adventure then, why not consider moving to the United Kingdom? The UK is a great place to live with lots of cultural and historical points of interest. What’s more, you could save yourself a lot of money by moving to the UK. People on low incomes can live quite well in Britain as the country has a much lower cost-of-living than the USA. That in itself means that you could afford a quality lifestyle on a low budget. When you are considering whether a move is the right thing for you and your family, you should look at your many options. Here are five incredible reasons that moving to the UK will save you money.

1. Healthcare is free

The NHS (National Health Service) in Britain offers free healthcare  to the people who live in the country. Moving to Britain means that you can save yourself a lot of money when it comes to paying for medical care. You won’t have to pay for health insurance on a monthly basis. You won’t have to have a huge fund of money in case you have an accident. No matter what happens you know that you have free healthcare on hand whenever you need it.

2. State education is exceptional

In many countries in the western world, state education suffers. The fact of the matter is that many countries don’t put enough money into their education system. That means that often the state schools are poor and offer children a poor rate of education. If you live in other countries, you have to pay for a great private education. Doing so means that your children get the best chance in life. In Britain the state schools are of an exceptional standard, as are the colleges. You can make sure that your children get a high-class education without spending any money at all.

3. Property in England is cheap

So long as you don’t want to live in the center of London, property in Britain is cheap. You can buy a spacious home in England for a fraction of the price that it would cost you in other countries. One way to find reasonable property is to look at property auctions in Littleover. When houses are up for auction, you can find some incredible deals. Make sure that you have a housing budget in mind before you do anything so that you know how much you can spend.

4. The cost-of-living is lower than the rest of the western world

In Britain, especially in the north, the cost-of-living is low. Everything from your weekly shopping to gas and electricity is cheap in the UK. There are many bargain stores in Britain where you can pick-up cheap household items. It is quite easy to live on a budget in Britain. Look at this guide for some examples of where you can save money when you live in the country.

5. Travel is cheap in Britain

When you live in Britain, you will find that travelling around the country will not cost you much money. Yes, trains are expensive and unreliable in the country, but they are not the only way to get around. There are plenty of coach services in the UK that travel all around the country. You can get any single coach ticket for just £10. That means that you can travel from Scotland to Cornwall for less than the price of a take-out meal. That covers the whole length of Britain, meaning that you can always find an incredible travel deal.

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Pound To Suffer If Scotland Gains Independence

Posted on September 6, 2014 by admin at 4:31 am

With the upcoming vote on Scottish independence experts are beginning to speculate on what the move will mean for the UK. A recent poll suggests that more people in Scotland will be voting for independence. If this poll is accurate, it won’t be long until Scotland is an independent state. Many things will have to change if the move goes through. Creating a new state is no easy feat. Everything from currency to the flag will have to change to signify the new state of affairs. Until now, many people in the UK had assumed that the move would never pass. Now we have to face the notion that Scotland could soon be independent of the rest of the United Kingdom.

Of course, the new independence will impact on every area of British life. Should the move go through, there will be many changes over the coming months and years that will happen as a direct result of the vote. Last Sunday, a poll found that 51% of voters in Scotland are now choosing to back independence. The vote is still on the borderline, and so experts are having a hard time trying to predict what the outcome of the upcoming vote will be.

If independence does go through and Scotland becomes a separate state then, the state of affairs in the UK will be different too. One area which will have to change will be the currency. Experts are now claiming that Scottish independence could mean negative things for the pound. The British pound has for a long time been one of the strongest currencies in the world. In Britain, we are a global leader by way of currency and, as such, we have always had a strong, stable currency. Even when the huge financial crisis hit the west seven years ago, the British pound managed to bounce back to the top of currency rates.

Without the support of the Scottish, though, the currency could suffer. When experts released their latest poll this week, the pound took a fatal hit. For a while now the pound had been fluctuating. The poll had a negative impact on the strength of the pound and meant that the pound fell within the global market. If this trend is anything to go on then, the  currency is under a huge threat due to the upcoming referendum. British people could stand to lose out on currency exchange in the global market. The weakening of the pound means it won’t compete in global business.

What does this move mean for the individual? Well, those with relatives abroad will struggle to convert currency at a stable exchange rate. That in itself means that people might find it hard to travel to see their family and to send them money. Individuals might have to get extra loans to help them get by each year. There are plenty of reasonable money lenders, such as Money3, who can help with the situation. Experts believe that more of us will have to rely on credit cards to finance our lifestyles.

We still do not know what the outcome of the upcoming referendum will be. The polls have remained close throughout the debate. That in itself means that we have no way of knowing what will happen on the day itself. People’s views seem to have changed on a day to day basis on the matter. As the new evidence of how Scottish independence impacts our currency comes to light, many wonder what it means. Experts fear that the current strength of the UK is under threat due to independence. Nobody knows what the outcome will be at this early stage, yet it appears the Scottish want an independent state.

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The ABCs of How Asset Finance Works and How it Can Benefit You

Posted on August 19, 2014 by admin at 6:13 pm

If you are running a small to medium-sized business, you know all too well that it’s important for your business to grow. And how do you do this? By acquiring new customers and enhancing your services, for one. But in order to get more customers and improve your offerings, you may need to invest in some assets – namely, more equipment for your office, like software or computers, or a fleet of vehicles which will enable you to make deliveries.


But if you simply do not have the cash at hand to make new purchases, it may be difficult to develop and enhance your services. Now this is where asset finance comes in as a convenient and affordable solution. With asset finance, you can lease or rent any equipment or other assets you need instead of purchasing them up-front. Asset finance gives you a more flexible and viable alternative to getting a loan from a bank.


Why you need asset finance


If you are planning to buy equipment for your enterprise, the cost of this can encroach on your operating expenses. And, for some business owners, the capital is simply not available at all. But with asset finance, you do not have to resort to your reserves of cash so you can buy the fixed assets you require. You simply have to pay a fixed amount every month for your assets to an asset finance provider which will purchase your equipment for you. In essence, asset finance is a good solution because buying equipment is not only costly, but assets do depreciate over time. By taking advantage of asset finance, you can even upgrade your equipment and other assets regularly so you can make sure that you always have the latest and newest equipment around.


What to expect from asset finance


With asset finance, you can get whatever you need to improve your business. Asset finance lets you take care of your fixed asset needs – from office equipment to furniture, machinery, technological assets such as computers and office software,         vehicles, and so on. Asset finance allows you to buy any tangible asset, as long as it cannot be converted to cash (such as stocks). All you have to do is find an asset finance specialist firm such as Ultimate Finance, which will then arrange to purchase the assets you want. You simply have to pay them fixed monthly installments (according to what you can afford) over a period of two years to five years, depending on your capacity to pay.


The benefits of asset finance on your taxes

You can even write off the payments you make for asset finance as an expense for your business against your profits which are taxable. This basically means that you can reduce the tax you are supposed to pay. Compared to purchasing equipment where you can only write off the interest of a loan and the depreciation, asset finance is a much better deal.


For any small- or medium-sized business or even multinational corporation, asset finance is inherently beneficial and incredibly useful. It solves your dilemma of expansion and growth, and allows you to enhance and improve your products and services, giving you more customers in the long run.



Image courtesy of phanlop88/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net




Top 5 German Binary options Brokers

Posted on July 21, 2014 by admin at 2:38 pm

Many investors are increasingly interested in binary options, a simple means of trading across multiple global markets and enriching oneself from fluctuations in trading prices. Binary options trading is distinct from other forms of trading, and failure to understand the market can result in calamitous losses. For this reason, it’s fundamentally important to find a reliable and competent binary options broker, and to understand well, yourself, how the binary game works. Here we’ve culled the Top 5 German binary options brokers to help inform your search.

Banc de Swiss

Although it may seem to come from Switzerland, the Banc de Swiss is in fact a German Binary Option broker. You can find a further Banc de Swiss Review Here where Banc de Swiss comes out as number one. Banc de Swiss is CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) regulated, to answer questions of Banc de swiss broker serious or scam? Plus, you only need 100 Euros to open an account. Or, start a BDSwiss Demo Account to give it a BDswiss Test right away.

Bloombex Options

Besides Banc de Swiss, Bloombex Options is the only other Binary Option broker actually located in Germany. It is, however, an unregulated brokerage house, unlike Banc de Swiss (or BDSwiss), without coverage under the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. In keeping with many other houses, Bloombex offers a maximum profit payout at 85 percent.


Among the most popular brokers registered under BaFin (or the Budnesanstalt fur Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht) is 24Option. It also regularly rates on “best of” lists. Investors appreciate its CySEC regulation, option for demo accounts, and relatively high profit maximum, at 89 percent. Note, however, that the minimum balance to open an account is 250 Euros, slightly higher than most of 24Option’s competitors.

Capital Option

Capital Option is another popular brokerage firm, regularly ranking on lists of the “Top 5 German Binary options Brokers.” In fact, according to BaFin’s database, Capital Option ranks with 24Option and TopOption among the top three most popular picks. Like BDSwiss, Capital Option is EU regulated, making it a more appealing option than Bloombex to some.


TopOption is one more of the standouts, as popularity goes, rounding out this list of the Top 5 German Binary options Brokers list. For English speakers, the website features a comprehensive English-language presentation of their offerings, which is sometimes limited on broker’s primarily German-language websites. CySEC regulated, the brokerage house requires a minimum deposit of just 100 USD, one of the lowest thresholds of its competitors.

Your Business Can Cut Costs With Cloud Computing

Posted on June 17, 2014 by admin at 10:14 am

While the decision faced by many businesses to move either some or all of their IT capabilities into a Cloud can be difficult, the obvious cost-efficiencies involved make it a little easier. One study of UK and US companies found almost 90% of those using Cloud based services reporting savings, and over half agreeing that the Cloud had boosted their profit margins. Further, more than 60% had then been able to take those savings and reinvest them into the business, driving product innovation and giving employee wages a boost. Where do these efficiencies come from?


Most Cloud solutions can be tailored to meet the exact requirements of the individual business, from small to large, and can be adapted at short notice. That means a company is only paying for the software it actually needs in a certain period rather than having to invest in packages that may be redundant a lot of the time. If business needs change requiring more or less capability, it’s very easy to arrange.

No Capital Investment

The cost of buying new software or developing it in-house can be dramatically expensive, especially for new start-ups, but since Cloud services run on a subscription basis there is little to no upfront investment needed. All processes are operated through a browser so installation and maintenance requirements are minimal, and there is a predictable monthly cost which helps significantly with budgeting. More than this though, because Cloud providers need to remain competitive, they will automatically upgrade to the latest versions of software as they are released meaning businesses are always using the latest specs.

Fewer Infrastructure Requirements

Since large volumes of data and various platforms are hosted off-site, there is less need for bulky servers, and IT resources can be diverted elsewhere. A reliable internet connection gives employees all the access they need to their essential business functions.


Today it’s vital for companies to be connected to their employees, partners and clients 24/7. Cloud packages enable this, for instance by making it easy for video-conferencing over multiple sites, or for staff to connect to CRM systems through their mobile devices. No matter where an employee is, if they have an internet connection they can collaborate on projects in real-time, or communicate with colleagues. Outsourcing of IT services in this way leads to far greater flexibility, productivity and efficiency.


Understanding the Half Hourly Meter

Posted on May 30, 2014 by admin at 2:34 pm

What is a half hourly meter and what it means for businesses? Many people are grappling with this question these days. A half hourly meter is basically a fairly new type of meter that can measure electricity consumption once every 30 minutes. Then it transmits that data automatically to energy suppliers via a mobile device. What that means is that the data does not get read manually, and even more important, is that the billing records increase in accuracy.

Am I Required to Have a Half Hourly Meter?

Mandatory – Any businesses consuming 100kw of power or more in a half hour period, must use a half hourly meter.

Voluntary – Any businesses whose maximum demand is at 70kw or under, has the option of deciding whether or not to use this type of meter.  Find more details here: http://www.businessenergystore.com/half-hourly-meters

How Can I Tell If I am on A Half Hourly Meter?

You can look on your bill to see if there is an ‘S’ number indicating a half hourly meter. If you see a ’00′ up on the top left-hand side, on the ‘S’ number, then that indicates you are on the half hourly meter. It that number is 05, 06, 07, or 08, rather than 00, then your type of half hourly meter is the voluntary type. If you find you are still unable to determine if you are on the half hourly or not, you can still contact the electricity supplier to get more detailed information about the meter. You can usually find your meter point administration number on the bottom row of the supply number.

Are There Pricing Differences?

Because billing is based on real time, accurate readings, your energy supplier can determine your costs using your half hourly meter. You are only charged for the energy your business uses (and that is better than standard pricing).

Do I Have The Option of Switching Off The Half Hourly Energy Tariff For My Business?

You have the option to negotiate your contract, but if you do, prepare yourself for a long and complicated process. It is complicated due to the fluctuation of wholesale prices, a need for accurate data, and supplier strategies.

A solid and reputable company should know and understand about how half hourly meters work. They should also be able to give you top notch information and insight, in order to give you the best possible deal to help your business. Never hesitate to call on us if your half hourly business energy contract should happen to lapse and need renewing. Another option is to simply fill out the online form and then wait for us to call you.

Branding your new business

Posted on May 23, 2014 by admin at 5:46 pm

If you’ve decided that you want to be your own boss and branch out into something which has always been a hobby or a passion in your leisure time, this is a great time to be bold, be brave and to start your own business.


The advantages of trading in gold and other precious metals

Posted on May 12, 2014 by admin at 1:53 am

Thank you, Simon Cunningham, for the awesome picture.

Gold and other precious metals have been a global trade for centuries, times have changed but they are still as lucrative as ever.

There is no need to buy physical gold coins or bullion, or even diamonds, the growth and development of trading, especially online, means you can make an investment that is right for you.

The rise and fall of gold, and other precious metal, prices means that, if you invest wisely, you can make trading pay for you. But it is important that you get some further information, for example, you should check out Rosland capital, who sell gold and silver, for their review.

Why trading in gold is such a great idea:

Gold is probably one of the most interesting assets you can trade-in, especially if you are relative newcomer or inexperienced investor. Due to the volatile nature of gold prices, it opens up a great opportunity to make some short-term gains if prices start to suddenly move in the right direction.

As gold fluctuates over short periods of times, it still retains a lot of its value as it is inflation proof. For this reason, it is seen as a wise investment choice for establishments such as banks in times where inflation is very high. Gold seems to retain and, in some cases, increase its value over more difficult economic conditions.

A long-term element of trading in gold is in the supply and demand chain. Gold is a natural resource, and it is therefore limited. Little supply and lots of demand, ensures again that gold retains and, over time, increases in value. All natural resources are the same, so the application of this supply and demand interaction will tend to indicate that prices will rise.

How to trade in gold effectively:

If you choose to trade in CFDs and binary options, you will not own the physical gold at any point. With this type of trading, you are only speculating on the prices upward or downward trajectory.

If you decide to trade in CFDs your gain will be the difference between the two prices of purchase and selling. Binary options work a little differently, as you will earn a fixed amount upon expiration of your options, as long as this earning is as anticipated.

There are a number of elements that help identify trends in gold trends, such as:

The value of the dollar: This is inversely correlated to the value of gold. So, this means that when the dollar price is rising, the price of gold is generally falling. This is because it becomes less affordable for investors in other currencies. However, if you are looking at rises in gold prices you need to look out for the falling value of the dollar.

Economic news: As gold is a global commodity, news from all regions can have a bearing on its value. For example, if there is negative investment or economic news coming from Europe, it will have an impact on gold prices.

If you choose to invest in gold and other precious metals, it is important that you consider all the risks, as well as the potential earnings.


Using a spending diary effectively

Posted on March 28, 2014 by admin at 4:58 pm

If by the middle of the month, the coffers are bare and there doesn’t seem to be any reason for this, then it’s time to have a look at all the invisible spend taking place in your life.

Invisible spend can happen at any time of the day; a magazine for reading on the tube, a coffee on the way to work, a mid-morning sandwich from the trolley  even though you have lunch with you all adds up to a tidy sum each month. A staggering £6.3 billion is spent every year in the UK on hot takeaway drinks which means the average customer spends £400. Over a lifetime, this can add up to £15,725 and the drinking habits of 10% of those who took part in a survey will be looking to spend almost £30,000 on drinks such as coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

The way to spot, record and remember all of these fleeting transactions is to start to use a spending diary. A spending diary can help you to record all the money you spend and quickly forget about on these items each day and you can see where literally every penny is going other than on your bills. Diaries do not have to be complicated; they can be as simple as a small notebook in the handbag or pocket and can be used as the money is spent. For those who enjoy using online tools, there are many spending diaries on the internet which can be utilised to record the figures and to then give an analysis of where the most money is being spent.

The place to start is to use the diary for a month and be totally honest. Record every single penny spent – however small – and write down the item and the amount. If you want to work out where and why you bought it, add these details too. Some people find it’s habit to buy certain comfort foods if they are in a particular mood and this can help identifying these areas of life also.

After a month, spend some time looking through the diary. If you like maths, draw a graph to show where the spend occurs to give a visual aid. After this it’s about cutting down or stopping spending money on these items to help the rest of your finances.

Invisible spending can play havoc with your monthly expenditure and whilst you organise yourself and start to fill in your spending diary, you may need a small loan as a bridging solution. Compare payday loans at payday-choice.com to see if this kind of funding can help.

To reduce spending, set yourself weekly goals to buy a coffee every other day instead of daily, to stop buying a magazine and pick up a free newspaper and you can then watch the amount you spend rapidly decrease. Change the goals each week and increase the challenges so you start to rebuild healthy finances. After a few months you’ll have a great bank balance and you can reward yourself with a small – recorded in your spending diary – treat to show how great you are at sorting out your finances.


How to Avoid Your Overdraft

Posted on March 27, 2014 by admin at 4:38 pm

An overdraft is a handy service that can help you negotiate the tricky last few days before payday. Of course, it’s not something you want to rely on too much and too often or pretty soon those interest rates start to kick in and all of a sudden you’re not relying on it for the last few days of the month but the last few weeks. And from there it’s a slippery slope downwards. So here are a few tips to help you avoid getting stuck on the overdraft train to Debt City.

Monthly bills

The first thing you need to do is stop spending money. Now, that might seem a little difficult in a world where stuff and things are sold at a certain price. So it’s probably unrealistic that you are not going to spend any money. So, what you need to do is identify where you can cut some costs. Do you go to the gym every day? If so, you’re probably getting your money’s worth. However, if you go once in a blue moon and when you do go you only use the running machines then you could probably just cut that monthly bill from your bank statement. Instead go for a salubrious jog or just do a few star jumps and squats at home. Or just start using the gym more. After that take a look at all your other bills: electricity, internet, that sort of thing. Can you switch providers and get yourself a better deal? If so, what are you waiting for? Well, you might have signed a contract, but when it’s up you should definitely switch.

Weekly shopping

Once you’ve sorted out your monthly expenditure move on to the weekly spending. There’s probably a few things you can cut here too. So take a look at your regular outgoings. How much are you spending on Faberge eggs? You probably don’t need to buy two a week, one will do. How about caviar? You can probably cut that back to half a pound. Or maybe you’re going to the pub every Friday after work? Could you cut those three pints back to two? Or skip the pub completely every second week. How about other potential vices like chocolate and coffee and eating lunch out? How about making lunch at home a couple of times a week? That would certainly help your bank balance.

You don’t need to cut back on everything, just the odd bit every now and then.

Leisure Spending

Finally, take a look at your leisure spending. How often do you go to the theatre or the cinema? You can probably cut back on that, at least a little. Or maybe just go for the cheap seats, instead of front-row centre. Or go to the cinema on a Monday when it might be cheaper.

There are all kinds of things that you can do to make your life that little bit simpler and ensure that you don’t have to dip into the overdraft too early in the month. If you are already overdrawn these tips should help get you back into the green. And when you’re there, why not try and stay there?

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