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Why I Started My Recruitment and Moneysaving Blog

Hi I’m Daniel, and this is my first blog about how I got into the exciting world of blogging, and set up my own recruitment and moneysaving blog. The story begins when I lost my job back in 2008, and although it was a tough period in my life I learnt a vast amount. At 38 years old, I didn’t think I would be taking my career in a new direction, but it has all turned out for the best.

Finding work when you are older is so much harder, and although I was qualified in several different areas, I still struggled. My family were fantastic, and my wife was incredibly supportive, but we needed a second income to survive. With mounting bills and children to feed, I knew I had to find work and fast.

It seems that you can work all of your life, and have loads of qualifications, but as you get older, the job market becomes far tougher. I had many setbacks, and there were times when I thought getting a job that I enjoyed was never going to happen. However, my determination and hard work paid off and as soon as I begun to think out of the box, things fell into place.

A friend mentioned combining my love for writing, and helping people to create a job that I loved, which would bring the income we needed. This sounded like a fantastic plan, but I had no idea what to do with this suggestion. I begun to research different ideas, and decided that a blog to help people with their questions seemed like a good idea.

Working from home is always appealing, and it meant that we could remain living in the sleepy village we loved, and have to stress about the commute to work. Millions of people make a living from working from home, and the more I thought about the possibilities, the more excited I became. I knew that the start up costs would be minimal, if anything, and any income I could generate would be welcomed.

Starting slowly I encouraged people to contact me with the questions so I could help them to save money. It surprised me how quickly more people joined the blog, and I could enjoy doing what I loved, which was helping and advising. I soon realised that many people were struggling with the recruitment process, and vast amounts of money was being wasted.

I never ask for money from the people that ask for my help, and this often surprises them, but I love to share my experience and knowledge.  You do not need to spend a vast amount of money when recruiting, and far too many people waste time, energy and money in this area. Saving money has become a massive issue, and if I can help then it is brilliant.

My three main tips for saving money when recruiting are:

1. Understand the power of social media groups

2. Utilize job search engines

3. Outsource as much as possible

With these things in mind, I will explain how to get the most from free tools, and enjoy the financial rewards in the future. These areas may seem complicated, but I have spent many hours ensuring that they can be explained easily. I want to help, and get a huge amount of satisfaction out of helping people to succeed.

I love engaging with the people that follow my blog, and take the time to ask questions, which is why I respond to everyone. Feedback is essential for any blog to be a success, and I want to receive it, good and bad. My wife thinks I am crazy as I love the criticism alongside the praise. However, this is what has made me stronger, and a better blogger. I want to deliver the best service, and ensure that my followers away and understand what they wanted to know.

This philosophy has ensured that people come back time and time again to ask for advice, and listen to what I have to say every day. If you are unsure of something, there is nothing stopping you asking me a question. I enjoy my blog, and love helping people, my only regret is that I didn’t do it many years before now.

Insights on money, career and trading