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3 Tips to Keep Your Home Cool Without Breaking the Bank This Summer

Posted on June 27, 2018 by Daniel at 8:14 pm

Everyone like to stay cool during the hotter months, but no one likes to see a huge electric bill arrive from the power company when they’re trying to relax and enjoy their summer. Luckily, these two events don’t necessarily have to go hand in hand.

You can find ways to keep your home cool without having to crank up your air conditioning and burn a large amount of electricity. Here are three tips for keeping your home cool without emptying your savings this summer.

Be Smart with Your Windows

One of the fastest ways to heat up your home during the summer months is with direct sunlight. You can’t place a sunshade over your entire home, obviously (unless you have a grove of mature trees), but you can prevent some of that burning light from penetrating into your living spaces.

The best way to do this, according to Jess Yeager, a contributor to AARP.org, is to be smart with your windows. If the temperature outside is cooler than in your house (especially if that’s only at night), or you’re getting a good cross breeze, open up those windows and let that air in. But if it’s sunny and hot outside, keep the windows closed and the shades drawn to keep the hot rays out.

Though you might not believe that closing the shades will have much effect, it can make a big difference for the interior temperature of your home, especially in the case of your windows that face east and west.

Use Appliances with Care

The use of appliances in the summer can also quickly heat up your home. Not only do electronic and gas appliances, especially the larger ones, give off heat, but they also use up more energy and make your electric bill spike.

So rather than running these appliances whenever you feel like it, Lisa Kaplan Gordon, a contributor to House Logic, recommends that you not use larger appliances during the hottest part of the day. Also, try to find ways not to have to use them at all, such as cooking outside on a barbecue grill, and hanging clothes on the line to dry.

Consider a Larger Home Upgrade

If you’ve noticed that you’re having a hard time keeping your home cool year after year, and your electric bills are always high, you may have a more chronic problem to address. According to Jeremy Anderberg, a contributor to ArtOfManliness.com, making some bigger home improvements, such as repainting your house or getting a new roof, could help you fix some of your heating and cooling problems.

If you don’t have an adequate roof, or the insulation is poor, that may be letting cool air escape. If you repaint your home, you could draw less sun and radiant heat that raise the interior temperatures.

These adjustments will cost more now, but they could save you a lot of money (and raise your ongoing comfort level) in the long run. If you want to keep your home cool and your bills low in the summer, consider using some of the tips mentioned here to make that happen.

Insights on money, career and trading