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The Ultimate Digital Guy?

Posted on March 29, 2017 by Daniel at 7:28 am

I recently saw what was like a three-and-and-half hour documentary about the famous WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, who is obviously inextricably linked to the non-profit whistleblower-type news organisation, so the documentary was as much about him as it was about WikiLeaks. So anyway, a phrase the narrator used during the running time of the doccie really caught my ear, when he referred to Julian Assange as the “ultimate digital guy.”

It got me thinking about how much of a digital guy someone like me is really turning into, with all my bargain hunting exploits which I think I can confidently say all play out in cyberspace. I really can’t think of the last time, or anytime for that matter, when I had the inclination to perhaps pick up the phone and ring someone to take advantage of any special offer or discount they might have available. If something can be done online then why bother doing it in any other way really?

The train of thought really took off not too shortly afterwards as I realised that the narrator of the WikiLeaks documentary really hasn’t seen nothing yet if he ever wanted to talk about the ultimate digital guy. Assange is perhaps an iteration of somewhat of an extreme digital guy, but not the ultimate, although I must say he does come really close. For him it was a matter of absolute necessity because it was just him and his $300 laptop, along with a lot of serious input from his sources and technical team and so his entire life became consumed with working through insane volumes of information with the aim of ultimately publishing what the organisation believes the world needs to know.

Consequently, he’d have little time to do what would otherwise be considered to be ordinary things like visiting the mall to go out for a bite to eat — he’d probably do that with his $300 laptop in tow though to continue his work while his food is being prepared. So with Assange it’s a matter of necessity, but perhaps with anyone else who could otherwise be a better fit for the perfect example of what the ultimate digital guy is, they do everything online purely because they really don’t want to do it in any other way. Any other way is seen as too much of an effort and for as far as they can take this virtual experience, the measures they go to can sometimes be so extreme that the lines between cyberspace and reality can sometimes get blurred.

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I won’t even get into the impact of drone-assisted deliveries on the life of the ultimate digital guy!

Insights on money, career and trading

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