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Poor As Dirt And Addicted: 5 Ways To Pay For Rehab

Posted on July 24, 2017 by Daniel at 8:15 pm

The most important part of recovery is finding the right opportunity for rehabilitation.  The first thing to understand about organized treatment facilities is that they are an investment.  Sometimes in-patient, residential treatment is the best therapy.  Rehab is not cheap, but it does not have to be an unreachable solution for those who are less equipped financially.  

Education is a powerful thing when it comes to battling addiction of any kind.  There is always a way out.  Take a moment to consider these few suggestions, highlighting some effective ways to generate funding for proper addiction treatment. 

Insurance will cover most of the cost of treatment

Obama’s Affordable Care Act made it much easier for the insured addict to find treatment coverage.  Though there is no certainty that the healthcare system will remain the same for much longer, there are still certain accommodations built into your insurance plan.  

Some insurance policies will pay for addiction treatment in full, but it is more likely that the patient will have some leftover charges upon release.  The residual costs can be worked out in payments to the facility at a future date.  

Personal loans are more affordable than payday loans

Sometimes a personal loan is the best option for paying for treatment.  The interest rates are much more manageable with a personal loan than they are with a payday loan.  

Avoid getting tied up in the revolving doors of payday loans.  Research and exhaust every other possible route, before turning to a payday loan.  Payday loans come with high fees and terrible terms and conditions.  

Crowdfunding is a good way to find help

Crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe.com allow users to put out a call to raise funds for the treatment you need.  IndieGoGo and CrowdRise are two other platforms that allow people to create a campaign, and receive donations.  

Treatment centers often offer payment plans

Due to the nature of addiction treatment, rehab facilities are quite aware of the financial struggles that typically come hand in hand with drug and alcohol abuse.  Many facilities have built-in payment plans they can offer to those in need.  

Just as treatment plans are individualized and molded to suit the needs of the patient, the facility will work to create a personalized payment plan.  There are also graduated payment plans, where payments start out small, and gradually rise until the debt is paid in full.  

Cash in on some investments

When times are hard, there is always the option to cash in on your personal investments.  If you own your home, look into what it takes to receive a home equity loan.  

There is also the possibility that you could cash in on your 401k.  Just make sure to take the time to think constructively about all the different financial options before choosing a treatment center.  

Insights on money, career and trading