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3 Everyday Annoyances That You Can Transform Into Extra Money

Posted on September 25, 2017 by Daniel at 10:42 pm

Everyone of us has things, events, instances that just simply annoy us. One of those happens every day for most. In a world where recycling is all the rage, maybe plastic and aluminum aren’t the only things we should be recycling.

One of the best qualities of any successful person is the ability to take what doesn’t work in one situation and make it work for another. Retasking, if you will. Our everyday annoyances don’t have to steal our thunder. They don’t even have to be annoying. Below are three of them that you can turn around for your benefit.

Thinking Is Not of the Devil

There are many of us that are thinkers from birth. That’s all we seem to do is think. The world around us floods us with images, sounds, and situations that we are constantly analyzing. Sometimes, contained within those ideas are thoughts of self-doubt, fear of failure, and the what if syndrome. First, thinking is not of the devil. It is a gift to be a thinker.

Some of our greatest inventions and ways of doing things come from the great thinkers of history. However, the flood of everyday thoughts and the inability to distinguish between which ones are helpful and which are not can be extremely annoying and hamper our ability to be efficient in making money. So, the next time you have a tidal wave of thoughts flood your brain, sit down and write out each one as they come.

Make diagrams for the main thoughts and connect subsequent thoughts to their correlating main subject. This creates a blueprint of your thought process. There are no useless thoughts. Just ones that we have overlooked or put aside, because we don’t yet know how to utilize them. Keep this record and use it regularly. Opportunities to make more money are bound to reveal themselves in the most unlikely thought processes of your mind.   

Being Single Can Help You Multiply Your Success

In the United States, a little over 50% of the population over 16 identify themselves as single. One of the defining traits of being single is not one that many enjoy discussing, but one that can help you progress in your career which, in turn, will make your wallet grow. The topic here is the life of the celibate single.

Understandably, this is 2017 and the word celibate and single go together less and less, but it is still the largest group of people that voluntarily or involuntarily abstain from sex. This, however, does not make the need any less prevalent. That can be very annoying. As with any habit, instinctual or otherwise, you can retask the urge to another process. A great idea, here, would be to train yourself to think of ways to make extra cash every time the mood hits.  

Slow Down

Life is full of ups and downs, stops and gos, ins and outs. Sometimes, those happen when and how we want them to and other times, we seem to have no control whatsoever over the circumstances. These events can leave us very impatient. In a world where things have to be done right and done now, we struggle to make sure that our performance is acceptable and prompt.

When it does not go as planned, most of us grow very impatient very fast and begin to make snap decisions that usually end up hurting the bottom line in the end. This is probably the most annoying thing on the planet. Slow down. It is a proven fact that when we take the time to slow down, even for a microsecond, and take careful stock of the situation at hand, we make better decisions about how to handle it.

Also, realize that there are some circumstances you just can’t change. Don’t spend time fretting over them. Use the new found patience and freedom from useless worry to troubleshoot problems on the job and make a little extra cash.

Sit down and take the time to recycle your everyday annoyances into money making habits.

Insights on money, career and trading