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Ways To Help Business Professionals Manage Stress And Burnout

Posted on October 5, 2017 by Daniel at 10:33 am

The business environment can be one filled with challenges and obstacles to conquer.  Working in a high pressure business environment presents situations that test your ability to thrive socially, mentally, and physically.  

It is important to find and maintain a high level of self awareness to avoid the pitfalls of stress in the professional world.  Here are a few insightful tips to keep you and your staff running at full capacity inside and out.  

Learn a little more about burnout

Burnout occurs (in layman’s terms) when you work yourself too much, too hard, or for too long.  Burnout can lead to alcohol or drug abuse in the workplace, and many other troubling outcomes.  Here are a few root causes of burnout in the workplace, so you may try to avoid them in the future.  

Work overload – If you are working in an understaffed department, you should quickly address the workload issue.  

Unfairness – If the management is unfair in their treatment of employees, there is almost always a negative result.  Balance is key.

Conflicting values – When people who hold conflicting values work together for an extended amount of time, there is almost always a conflict.  Try to work alongside like minded professionals, if at all possible.  

Lack of recognition – We ARE all adults, but a pat on the back goes a long way in the workplace.  

Increase your self efficacy

You should have a strong belief in your ability to complete the job, and complete your job well.  Set personally meaningful goals in your life inside and outside of the office.  

When your self-efficacy levels are high, you will experience a satisfaction like you have never seen before. Find what makes you feel accomplished in life, and pursue that passion.  Wake up every day and ask yourself what you can do to be better.  

Identify what you need from your profession

One of the best ways to find a suitable profession for yourself is to identify what you really need from your profession.  One Harvard Business Review pointed out six vital virtues of workplace happiness.  

  1. You can be yourself.
  2. You know what is really going on in the business.
  3. You have plenty of opportunity to utilize your strengths.
  4. Your company stands for something meaningful.  

Self-care should always be a priority

No matter what sort of profession you choose, you should always make time to take care of yourself.  Self-care should be a top priority in life and work.  A healthy diet and regular exercise are more than just a suggestion for success.  

Never be afraid to ask for help

Above all, never forget that you are not omnipotent.  You do not know everything, and other people can offer valuable advice.  Allow them to do so, and you will find yourself better for it.  

Insights on money, career and trading