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How to Use Guerrilla Marketing for Your Brand Promotion

Posted on April 30, 2017 by Daniel at 5:12 pm

Lately there is much talk about guerrilla marketing and with good reason. The consumers are being bombarded with marketing campaigns on every corner and it’s beginning to wear out. People have become more sophisticated in these matters and they’re able to tell when somebody is selling them something. This is where guerrilla part comes in. Innovative and viral marketing techniques can sometimes have much stronger effect on a buyer than those which cost a lot of money and require a whole team to put them together.

Here’s how you can use guerrilla marketing to put your business on a map:

More than a product

This is kind of hard to pin point, but it’s the essence of a great marketing campaign. Try to figure out what’s the basic idea behind your product products or business itself. For instance, cloud based computer program or an app can sum up its whole appeal in two words – no storage. For other companies, it could be their dedication to a worthy cause, which comes with using their products. Once you have the idea – spread it around as simply as possible. Make sure it’s stuck in people’s minds. Connecting it to your product is the easier part.

Go against the tide

In marketing, like in any other esthetic, trends begin to emerge with time. Things soon become stale and you can recognize where a campaign is going even before it starts. With guerrilla marketing, you don’t have a luxury, not to stand out. It’s perfectly fine (even desirable) for you campaign to make fun of current trends and even to be self deprecating.  Campaigns designed as parodies of their more popular counterparts are also a big plus.

Be visible

The most important part of guerrilla campaign is word of mouth potential it has. For instance, using noticeable custom wristbands can be a good way to create buzz around your products. The wristbands shouldn’t provide any details about your business, just a noticeable slogan or a logo, that way you create a certain mystery about it. That kind of campaign can be expanded upon. Those who wear your wristbands can be entitled to some sort of discount or other special offer at your store. Rewarding loyalty is very important for creating a community around your business.


Think about this as an expansion of a previous point. It’s also a word of mouth type of campaigns, but there’re mouths that can speak louder than others. If you can get your product or something which is immediately associated with your product in the hands of someone famous – your work is done.  It’s pretty hard to determine who’s famous, these days. It doesn’t have to be Oprah (but if you have that kind of access go ahead – someone who’s well known and respected in your field will suffice. Just remember that this can backfire – you don’t want your products or brand name associated with a controversial person.

Take a risk

In the end guerilla campaigns are about taking risks and trying new and untested approaches when it comes to advertising. You can’t really know whether a risky campaign will work, because if it’s truly innovative it’s never been done before. It’s a difficult decision, especially if your professional future depends on it – but the best advice you can get is to be bold and to go for the unexpended and it will pay off.

Guerrilla marketing campaigns cost much less than the traditional ones and that’s why they’re especially well-suited for startups and small businesses. If you want to start your business strong or break out of a rut – guerrilla tactics are a thing for you.

Insights on money, career and trading