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Lots of Money Doesn’t Always Mean Having No Trouble

Posted on February 25, 2018 by Daniel at 8:54 pm

Most people have it in their minds that they want to make more money. They feel that they would be happier with more money. They feel like they could buy more things that they want, or perhaps do more things that they want. However, with all of this rush for more money, people forget that having more cash on hand doesn’t always mean having no trouble.

For a few examples, consider that there are yacht disasters that occur. People who have a lot of money are more likely to be susceptible to mismanagement in bankruptcy. Sometimes, notoriety comes with having a lot of money, and that in itself can be kind of stressful. So overall, you ideally want to find your optimum personal value, as opposed to just trying always to have more.

Yacht Disasters

Rich people own yachts. Rich people do things on yachts. And yet, for all the money that goes into the operation of these ships or being entertained by traveling on them, yacht disasters still happen. This is a classic example of just because you have money, it doesn’t mean things still can’t go wrong. And, when you have catastrophes on expensive pieces of equipment, you can lose a whole lot of value or money in one fell swoop.

Mismanagement and Bankruptcy

The more money you have, the better organized you have to be with it. How many stories have you heard about celebrities mismanaging their money and going bankrupt? You ask yourself how someone who has millions of dollars can suddenly have less money than you. And the answer to that lies in the fact that for all of that cash that they have received, there wasn’t a consistent way to organize it to avoid issues later.

The Stress of Notoriety

In many industries and within many professions, money also brings notoriety. You can look at famous celebrities or visible politicians – you’ll find that just because they have a lot of resources or large bank accounts, they certainly aren’t going to be naturally happier. In fact, the truth that they are easy to notice means that they’re never left alone in public, which can be a really awful way to live for people who are prepared to be in the limelight constantly.

Optimum Personal Value

Ultimately, every person is going to want to find out the amount of money they would have to be the happiest, most satisfied, or in a position to lead the most meaningful life. Any more than that optimum, and there is going to be additional stress trouble involved. If you find yourself stuck at a less than the optimum value, it might be time to reassess what’s important to you, and then adjust your budget and career goals accordingly.

Insights on money, career and trading