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How a Loan Will Help You Improve Your Bad Credit

Posted on October 15, 2013 by Daniel at 4:00 pm


There are many types of loans available that can help you improve your bad credit. Each one is different, and you must decide which ones are best suited for them. The variety of the loans available also allows a person who fits the description for each loan to compile a mixed amount of credit types—which is key to improving credit.

If you’ve determined that you’ll be able to manage additional loans, you can use them to raise your credit score. Help is always available, and at your convenience you may find unique and understanding companies that offer your first loan for free of charge with 0% interest rate. In addition to that, you can secure this loan quickly and easily to manage gaps in your cash flow and increase your credit score as soon as possible. It’s important to prepare a strict loan management plan for repaying any new loans because the goal is to have a better score at the end of this journey – not a lower score. Here are a few types of loans that can help improve your credit rating.

Installment Loan

Personal Loans – Just by adding an installment loan to your credit, you are increasing your chances of having a higher credit score if you maintain a positive payment history. Installment loans do not damage credit as bad as revolving debt such as credit cards with interest rates.

School Loans – A student loan is another type of installment loan with a long payback timeframe, which will reflect numerous payments indicating strong debt management.

Small Loans

Peer-to-Peer – Peer-to-peer lending is one type of small loan, which entails lending between individuals. Many companies report what they lend, and what a person repays, their payment histories to credit bureaus and this reflects highly on your credit.

Large Loans

Car loan – because car loans are high priced loans, when you pay off such a large amount of money in a timely fashion ( preferably paying off more than the minimum amount due!) you are demonstrating that you can stick to an efficient payback schedule.

Mortgage –Paying off a mortgage shows steady income and steady repayments on a large asset. 

Credit Card Loans

Credit card loans are risky, however, if you are responsible and can obtain one it is a great way to diversify the types of credit you have. Paying off credit card loans are important because this evidence shows that you are controlling how much money you borrow, as long as it is within your credit limit. Many businesses offer credit card loans which make for a great opportunity to improve your credit score substantially and rapidly.

The smartest way to maintain a credit card loan is to only purchase items with the credit card if you have the cash already on hand to pay off what you buy. This way you are responsibly holding on to the money you need to pay off your credit, meanwhile you are showing positive credit activity.

Remember that additional types of credit are always great, but you must give them time to age, newer accounts or loans will not contribute positively to your credit score at first.





Insights on money, career and trading