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Hitting the Beach Without Breaking the Bank: Tips for a Budget-Friend Family Trip

Posted on October 23, 2017 by Daniel at 12:55 pm

When you are relaxed and on vacation, you want to have a great time, but things can quickly get out of hand financially unless you are savvy with your budget and know how to stretch your resources.

Here are some pointers on how to enjoy a budget-friendly beach break, including tips on finding discounts, why beach vacations compare favorably, plus suggestions for getting local entertainment for less.

Take advantage where you can

You want to be able to book accommodation that is close to the beach action and gives you access to all the amenities you want for a great holiday but you also want to get that deal for the best possible price.

A big part of your vacation budget will be spent on the hotel and if you check out somewhere like the Marriott Beach Resort you will often find deals like resort credit to spend or various other money-saving discounts and offers where you should be able to get more for your money.

It’s always worth signing up for various rewards programs and email newsletters so that you are notified of special promotions and discounts.

Also, look to see if you can cash in any credit card reward points you might have accumulated to reduce the cost of your airfare or accommodation.

Beach locations make sense

Choosing a location that offers you access to a family-friendly beach is a real no-brainer in terms of making your vacation budget stretch as far as possible.

Kids love spending time on the beach and splashing around in the sea, all of which adds up to some cheap entertainment for most of the day once you actually get to the resort. Compare that to the cost of staying in a city or taking in the theme parks and you can soon see that the savings are big when you go for the beach option.

Local entertainment

You will inevitably be spending some time away from the beach and exploring the area for something to eat and something to do when you want a quick break from the sand and sea.

It is these excursions that can put your budget under pressure unless you do a bit of planning and search local deal sites.

A good strategy would be to do some searches before you leave home and work out what the local entertainment and eating out situation is.

You might be able to find discount codes and things like Groupon deals that allow you to book an activity for less in compared to just turning up there and buying a ticket on the day. The same applies to restaurants, where you might be able to find some discount codes you can use to take some money off your food and drink.

Being on a budget doesn’t have to mean that you compromise on fun and why would you want to pay more anyway?

Take advantage of the free sun, sea, and sand, plus some discount deals, so that you end up with a great family vacation that doesn’t break the bank.


Insights on money, career and trading