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Getting That Raise: How to Successfully Reach for a Bigger Paycheck

Posted on August 14, 2017 by Daniel at 12:56 pm

Most dream of the day when they no longer have to worry about how the bills are going to get paid, how they are going to send the kids to school, or get that beautiful necklace for their wife. With any luck, we are able to get through college and at least obtain a degree in an area we enjoy working in. Then, actually get a job we enjoy and work our way up the ladder, but most wouldn’t mind a little hand up. Here are a few tips that might speed the process along so that you can quickly get to a place in life where you might not be necessarily rich, but that money is no longer one of the top worries in your journey.


In every job anyone ever works, there is one thing that will always be mandatory. You have to be there. Many businesses have disciplinary actions set up for if or when you miss. You can be sure that when the boss goes to do your annual or semiannual evaluation that the first thing he’s going to look at is your attendance. Now some absences are obviously understandable. When you have a death in the family or are infectiously sick, you should stay home, but otherwise, you need to understand that the success of business depends, a great deal, on the quality of its workforce. Make sure you are present.

Quality of Work

Ok. Now that you have shown up for work, how do you handle your day? This depends a lot on how you view the priorities of the company you work for and the priority of the job in your life. Some people have a job just for the paycheck. Others are truly dedicated to the success of the business they work for and the paycheck is necessary, but also just a side product of having the privilege to work for the business and working with their coworkers. How do you view the company you work for? It will determine the effort you put into releasing a better quality product or service.  


With all that in mind, one of the more simple things that has the greatest effect on how fast we reach promotion status is whether or not we know how to take a break. Yes, one of the fastest ways to getting a better paycheck is to know how to vent some steam.  Although you may enjoy your job, between the stress of working and what the rest of life throws at you, things can be a little overwhelming. It’s imperative that you take a respite. Take a nap, go fishing, listen to your favorite music, or just hang out with some friends. Learn to relax. Just make sure you maintain balance and don’t forget to show up for work.

In the end, you will find that these three simple tips will help you build a sturdy foundation for a bigger paycheck and less worry.

Insights on money, career and trading