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How Communication Could Make You Richer

Posted on August 8, 2017 by Daniel at 7:52 am

It’s payday. You look at the amount on your check and you are elated. You did well this week. Then, you think again and the same old feeling of frustration sets in when you realise the majority of your paycheck is already spent on bills that are due shortly. Many of us are all too familiar with this scenario and are tired of living it. We are always looking for better ways to make a little extra, or a whole lot of extra, cash. The world of technology and communication have opened up a new arena for cash flow. Below are some ways that you might make that work for you.

High Tech Ideas

The world of communication just keeps changing from year to year and from the telegraph all the way to the cell phone, communication has always assisted in make us money. Technology has now evolved to include some pretty cool ideas. You can now sell phone service. The best way to do this is to become part of a telco. You would be much like Android or iOS. You wouldn’t be a phone company, but you would be able to solicit phone service to anyone which would bring in a nice monthly check. Virtual Reality has also taken a recent leap. As of now, most of us use our cell phones, tablets, or PCs to keep in touch with our loved ones. Very soon, we will have the technology to communicate in a virtual reality world that will make things like the council meetings in Star Wars a reachable reality. Communication of this caliber is bound to pave the gravel road to riches by making communication as simple as a face to face conversation.

Low Tech Ideas

Out of all the ideas that I could place here, there is one that stands out the most to me. Writing. In the past, we have use writing to communicate to loved ones across the country or in another town, we have used it to communicate our interest in a job, or how much of a certain item we would like to purchase. With that in mind, writing is still a valid form of expression and it now has the ability to make you money.  There are several online companies that need writers. Some need them to write advertisements, some need technical writing, and others require bloggers. Whatever the need, if you find you have a talent for writing, put it to work for you.

Old School Ideas

Communication has been a necessity since the dawn of man. Whether it was there to decide who cleaned the cave and who went to hunt for dinner or to help the family business run smoother, the way we express our wants and needs has always determined the quality of the return we receive. In this ever changing world there are some things that always have worked and always will when it comes to corresponding with one another, especially in business. For example, the family dinner. It’s not always about communicating with your customers. Sometimes, creating an open family environment with your employees will be what creates more money flow. Happy workers produce better quality work, thus making more money for the company.

Talk to your customers, your employees, your family at home. Open communication closes the door on simple mistakes and misunderstandings saving you time and creating an atmosphere where making money is easy and profitable.  

Insights on money, career and trading