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5 Ways to Manage Your Couponing

Posted on September 14, 2015 by Daniel at 5:04 pm

Are you benefitting from the huge amount of money to be made from couponing? Feeling like couponing is your full-time job? Many people have become enraptured with the easy money apparently available by clipping coupons. However, some can become so addicted to their savings that they spend all of their free time scouring the online and print ads. It is important to draw a line between when couponing is a “money-saving tool” and when it becomes a second job. Included here are a few tips for managing your couponing so you get the benefits without the time constraint.

Clip on Sundays

Nobody wants to end up like a crazy couponer, stashing away the umpteenth roll of paper towels. By being sure to only cut coupons on Sunday afternoon and save the rest of your time for more important ventures. Analyze the paper and online ads on Sundays and forget about it for the rest of the week. No one wants to live with someone obsessively stalking ads at 2 am searching for a deal.


Buy Needs

A chronic problem of extreme couponers is the need to purchase, even when it is not something they actually need; make sure you draw the line between needs and wants. Even when you are purchasing extraneous items, they should be something that actually improves your quality of life, not simply something that occupies storage space.

By deciding on what coupons you want to use on Sunday, you can decide on your week’s worth of purchases. You can make sure all items are things that are necessary for getting through the week, instead of stockpiling hand soap that may never fully be utilized by your family.

Involve Other People

By making Sunday coupon clipping a family affair, it can be a healthful habit and allow everyone to be involved. The coupon clipping will take less time if everyone pitches in and your kids can benefit from the teaching moments. Clipping coupons can teach your children real world math skills, lessons about frugality and budgeting.

Shop Once a Week

Cut down your shopping trips to a once weekly affair. Turning couponing into a job and lifestyle doesn’t actually save you money if you are dedicating the same amount of time, if not more, than you would at a full-time job. Make sure you limit the time you are spending searching for deals and shopping so you can actually spend your hard-earned savings on something worthwhile.

Create a Binder

For organizational purposes, it can be wise to create a binder of coupons that you wish to use. Make sure to organize coupons that must be used immediately versus ones that may be used for a future need. Staying organized can help you keep this habit under control.

Insights on money, career and trading