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4 Great Investments that Will Enhance Your Life

Posted on August 24, 2015 by Daniel at 4:21 pm

Are you looking for ways to invest your money? Want to find belongings that can earn you money in the long run while increasing your overall satisfaction? There are purchases you can make that can offer you a long-term investment while providing short-term enhanced life satisfaction. These are things that you can add to your everyday life that provide joy, while being a good investment for future sales. Included here are a few of those great investments that provide daily joy and long term interest.

Fine Art


Appreciation of art is a quality that should be instilled in everybody. While not everyone may understand the appeal, if you are a genuine art appreciator it stands to reason you would have a few authentic art pieces in your home. This can not only increase your love of your home, but also be an impressive talking piece for guests.

Park West Gallery recommends buying pieces that can become focal points for your home. Consider an eye-catching sculpture in the living room, a remarkable painting for the dining room or kinetic art for the foyer. All of these pieces of art will enhance your daily life and interest while being a worthy monetary investment.

Because it is impossible to foresee how an artist will grow or change, buying their art when they are first breaking out is considered a wise investment. If the artist totally changes their vision, you are the owner of a very unique piece of art whose value could continue to increase. And if the artist simply hones their craft, that original rough piece of art will hold value to collectors.



This is an investment many women have no trouble making. Investing in high quality jewelry is almost certain to have a great return in years to come. If you choose to buy antique jewelry, the gains on those bobbles over the years could be astronomical. Many people are unaware of the value of heirloom jewelry passed down from relations, so it is wise to have those pieces appraised.

Real Estate

Some people buy property simply to flip it while others see it as investing in their future. If you are looking to create a home you love to be at and enjoy, an investment in real estate can increase your quality of life and prove to be a valuable asset. The best way to increase your money in this avenue is to purchase a “fixer-upper” and personalize it over the years. However, if that is not an option, looking for foreclosed properties or homes priced-to-move can increase your equity.

Remember that the purchase of your home is an important one for your family’s happiness. Buy a place that suits your needs and has potential for growth over the years. This home can become a stable lifeline to your children and may become a wedding present to one of them at a later date.


Many people love to go antique shopping merely to feel connected to the past. If you appreciate the look of antiques in your home, you may want to delve into this passion as a possible investment. Many antiques can be found to be extremely valuable, with that value increasing as the years go by. If you do choose to invest in antiques and decorate your home with them, be sure they are well-cared for and preserved. Of course, if your antique collection starts getting too big for your home, you could always look into storage options, such as Boombox storage (go now to their website). They can safely store the antiques, keeping them safe for you.

Insights on money, career and trading