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3 Most Common Reasons People Struggle With Money

Posted on October 24, 2017 by Daniel at 10:02 am

When it comes to finances some people are better than others at handling their money.  Some people seem to always have everything under control, being able to cover their basic expenses while simultaneously being able to enjoy additional luxuries.

People who claim to struggle the most with money usually have the same circumstances which are quite common.  Here are some of the most frequent causes for money struggles, and what you can do to avoid it.

Debt To Income Ratio

When a person has more debt to pay back than money which they are generating to be able to pay it back, an imbalance is created.  Many people have loans to pay back from going to school, are paying back a mortgage, or simply used their credit cards more than they should have.  Whatever the reason for their debt, the most important thing is to make sure that it is paid back as soon as possible.

If you aren’t making enough money in your profession to be able to make the payments while also covering your basic expenses like rent and food, then you should start to come up with a plan.  People in this position should consider a debt consolidation program or take on another job to generate more income.  The faster that you can pay off your debt and get to a place where your head’s above water, the faster your money issues will start to dissipate.

Lack of Self Control

Some people just can’t say no when it comes to seeing something that they want.  They tend to convince themselves that they need it, and end up making frivolous purchases rather than saving their money for things which are necessary.

In order to have a healthy financial life, you should be able to prioritize needs from desires.  The sooner that you are honest with yourself about whether you really need to make a purchase, then the more you can start organizing your finances and struggling less.

Lack Of Budgeting

One of the biggest mistakes that people make with their finances is failing to budget their expenses each month.  Even people with six-figure salaries can easily find themselves in the pits of financial struggles.  This is because it’s often not about the amount of money you have, but how you spend it.

By creating a spreadsheet of all of your expenses you can spread out exactly where your money will go each month.  By being able to identify exactly how much you need for each area of your life you can understand exactly how much you will have left over for your own pleasure.  Living beyond your means will only cause stress and financial struggles until it is remedied.

Insights on money, career and trading