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Tips For Female Self Care on a Dime

Posted on November 4, 2016 by Daniel at 10:46 am

Being a woman can be an expensive role to take on, from makeup and moisturizer to hair and nails. Sometimes you go to the drug store and buy only a few things only to walk away looking at your receipt having spent over $100!  

There are ways around spending this much, however.  Try investing in only a few necessary items that really make a difference rather than paying for a dozen, and half of them not really having any effect.

Follow these low-cost self care tips, and stay beautiful and pampered on a budget.

Look For Deals on Amazon

Amazon is one of the best places to buy beauty products because they are often marked down to ask much as 80%.  

High-quality skincare products are some of the best finds on Amazon, ranging from as little as $20 for a cream normally priced at around $100.

Additionally, you can often find a “subscribe and save” option, meaning that you subscribe for a recurring purchase of a product and get a discount of up to 15% depending on the amount of subscriptions you have.

Become a Client at a  Beauty School

Beauty schools often offer their services for a very low price.  By getting your beauty treatments done at the school you can receive a treatment by a student for only the price of the materials, and if it doesn’t turn out ideally, an instructor will oversee the process, and ensure that you leave with a perfect service.

Just make sure that if your treatment comes out less than perfect, speak your mind and don’t be afraid to say you would like an instructor to make the changes.

Use Coupons

Search for coupon codes online for a discount awarded at checkout when online shopping.  Often you can find them on coupon websites, which have multiple codes to offer including beauty shops like Ulta or Sephora.

The same goes for finding paper coupons in a magazine or store newspaper.   Don’t be shy about clipping away and showing up to the checkout line with a stack full of coupons.  

Use Samples

Samples are a great way to have access to a variety of top notch products for free.  Ask for small samples at high end department stores or at Sephora.  

These samples are generally good for about 1-2 uses, and if you grab a few of them, you could get a good 2 weeks worth out of it for not having paid anything at all!

Perfume samples can be used for as many as 10-15 sprays, which is a good amount of use! If you frequent several different stores over the course of a month, then you can start to build a nice little collection and never have to purchase perfume again!

Insights on money, career and trading