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Insights on money, career and trading

How to Use Guerrilla Marketing for Your Brand Promotion

Posted on April 30, 2017 by Daniel at 5:12 pm

Lately there is much talk about guerrilla marketing and with good reason. The consumers are being bombarded with marketing campaigns on every corner and it’s beginning to wear out. People have become more sophisticated in these matters and they’re able to tell when somebody is selling them something. This is where guerrilla part comes in. Innovative and viral marketing techniques can sometimes have much stronger effect on a buyer than those which cost a lot of money and require a whole team to put them together. (more…)

Trading – Why Does the Pound Rise When the FTSE 100 Drops?

Posted on April 26, 2017 by Daniel at 7:57 pm

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If you have been following the markets’ reactions to events in the UK since the Brexit referendum last year, you may have noticed a phenomenon that may seem a bit odd. When a major event connected to the future of the UK and Brexit occurs, there is normally a noticeable reaction from both the pound, and the FTSE 100 – the index of 100 of the UK’s most influential stocks. However, there is often a strong inverse relationship between the two. As an example, when the June 8th election was announced, the pound actually soared (despite dropping before people knew what the Number 10 announcement was going to be about), but the FTSE 100 plummeted. In an opposite reaction, the FTSE 100 saw record highs when the bill to trigger Article 50 passed in parliament, but the pound dropped. (more…)

Why Holidays Rentals Are a Great Investment

Posted on April 24, 2017 by Daniel at 8:29 pm

Holiday home buying trends have been always popular among people who love to go on vacations to one of their favourite places. It makes one have a home away from home and have a good time while away from the daily routine of one’s life. Many people choose it as an investment strategy and get a lot of Return on Investment (ROI). This is a great way to generate passive income. (more…)

Go for legal sites while betting in sports

Posted on April 6, 2017 by Daniel at 8:20 pm

Sport is one of the most important parts of our lives. Since ancient times, human beings have always been interested in various sorts of sports. From football to cricket, hockey to basketball each and every sports has been a part of our life since the ancient times. Sport teaches us various important moral values like respect, humbleness, dedication, hard work and countless more. Millions of people watch sports and support their favourite clubs and players. (more…)

The Ultimate Digital Guy?

Posted on March 29, 2017 by Daniel at 7:28 am

I recently saw what was like a three-and-and-half hour documentary about the famous WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, who is obviously inextricably linked to the non-profit whistleblower-type news organisation, so the documentary was as much about him as it was about WikiLeaks. So anyway, a phrase the narrator used during the running time of the doccie really caught my ear, when he referred to Julian Assange as the “ultimate digital guy.” (more…)

Want To Open Your Own Business? 3 Ways To Help Finance Your Dream

Posted on March 27, 2017 by Daniel at 6:30 pm

Many of us dream of owning our own business. Some have an unrealized passion and career dreams of being their own boss while others simply are sick of working for other people or are unfulfilled at their current job. What stops many people from owning their own business often comes down to money, or lack thereof.  There are many options to finance your dream of owning your own business that don’t involve winning the lottery.  Here are just 3 ways to help finance your dream. (more…)

Insights on money, career and trading

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