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Give Your Home a Brand New Look on a Poor Man’s Budget

Posted on October 11, 2014 by Daniel at 8:51 am

Are you bored of the way your home looks? Worried that it’ll have to stay that way because you don’t have the funds to sort it out? Don’t panic! You can give your home a brand new look on a poor man’s budget. Not only will the following tips help you to make your home look fantastic, they’ll also help increase your chances of selling in the future. Let’s take a look:

Practice Your Painting

Sometimes all the home needs is a lick of paint or two to spruce it up. You might find that all you need to purchase is a few paint cans to help your home look great. You could try a whole new colour scheme, or simply re-paint the old one to help it look new again. Look up tips on painting online to make sure it looks professional.

Look at Laminate

Letting agents in Ipswich explain that laminate is a great alternative to more expensive materials if you need new flooring or surfaces. You can buy it in an array of different styles so you can achieve just about any look you desire on a budget.

Shop in Discount Stores

There are lots of discount stores out there, so you don’t need to shop exclusively at Next or anywhere expensive like that. Many of these stores have premium looking items for a great price, such as ornaments and bed linen.

Buy Second Hand

When it comes to things like tables, furniture, and decorations, you can try buying second hand. This can be done on selling sites such as eBay, or you may find local groups on social media who sell their things through there. You can also attend car boot sales (a great way for you to make money too)!

15011728865_62c6b8d7f4_zImage Author: Flickr

Move Your Furniture Around

Why not try moving your furniture around to make it look totally different? You may even find that you have more room by trying out different combinations. If you don’t like it, it won’t cost you anything to put it back the way it was. A very simple way to update the look and feel of your home!

Buy Storage

Do you have lots of things lying around? This can ruin the look of even a beautifully decorated home. Nobody likes a messy, untidy place. Buy extra storage options so you don’t have things like this lying around. You can even buy clever storage options, like those designed to go under beds or stacked up on top of each other. Some of these storage option might include an extended garage, or maybe a shed to go in your garden. A 12×20 shed is a popular choice these days due to its ideal storage space. They can also look nice in your garden too, neat an tidy and you can decorate them to make them look appealing.

Keep it Tidy

Lastly, make an effort to keep your home tidy. Dust, dirt, and rubbish left lying around is never a good look. Keep clutter to a minimum. If you do this as you go along it’ll never be too big of a job!

If you found these useful, you’ll love these money saving tips too. You don’t have to feel down about your home any longer, just try the above advice and you’ll be proud of your home’s new look!

Insights on money, career and trading