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Five Ways Dropping Your Bad Habits Can Save You Money

Posted on June 19, 2017 by Daniel at 9:46 pm

Often people have more than one vice, and each of those vices can be causing you strife and causing you to spend more money than the average person. Some bad habits are just habits, but some of them can quickly cross over into addiction. When your habits turn into addictions they can be even more costly and they definitely become harder to shake.

There is help for addictions though. The first step is realizing you have a problem, and the next one is to accept that you need help. Then you can start to look at things from the perspective of what they are costing you, from your family/friends to the money out of your pocket.

Go Out To The Clubs Less

When you stop drinking or doing drugs you may stop going out to the club as much or as often. This can save you a good deal of money in the long run. Just one drink at a club can vary from $5 to over $10. Not only that, but you have the cost of the Uber ride home (or the drunk driving ticket you get when you try to drive yourself home).

Spend Less On Cigarettes

Smokers can save something like $200 a week, more or less. It depends on how much you smoke and what brands you’re particular to. Not only do you have the cost of your cigarettes, but you’re also damaging the interior of your vehicle and your home if you’re smoking in them (and if you’ve even washed the walls in the home of a smoker you have an idea of what it’s doing to your lungs as well).

Lower Your Risks Of Fines And Jail Time

Jail is not cheap and fines for possession of drugs or a DUI aren’t either. If you get help and get off the alcohol and drugs you can save a good deal of money and keep yourself out of jail, or keep yourself from losing your vehicle, home, and maybe even your family. The cost of drug and alcohol addiction is a huge one, but rehab costs far less.

Save On Health Care

If you drop the cigarettes, drugs, and the alcohol, you can save thousands of dollars a year on medical costs. You’ll have healthier lungs, healthier skin, better teeth, and you’ll just feel better/ Smoker’s risk lung cancer and other lung diseases, and many doctors have strict policies when it comes to their treatment of smokers and addicts.

Of all the ways that quitting your vices can save you money, you’ll save the most by simply not spending the money on them in the first place. You just might save your life in the process.

Insights on money, career and trading