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Five Tips On Making Yourself Indispensable At Work

Posted on September 22, 2015 by Daniel at 11:13 am

It can be hard enough trying to work and have a life, and to live paycheck to paycheck. Then, not knowing if you have any job stability, just being an employee can add to day to day stress.

Whether you’re new to your job or you have been there for years, there are some things that you can do in order to make yourself indispensable. Why worry everyday if you’ll be jobless when you can ensure that your job is your for as long as you want it?

Do More, Even When You Don’t Need To

One of the keys to making yourself important at your job is to make sure that you are always doing things, even when you don’t need to be. If you’ve ever worked in retail you’ve probably heard the saying, “If there’s time to lean there’s time to clean.” The same concept works in any career or job.

Do things even when you aren’t asked to, and don’t expect to get anything in return. Simply do it for the love of the job. Employers like having employees that truly care about the business, not just their paychecks.

Hone Your Skills

Learn everything you can about your position, and even go beyond that. If you are the go to person in your place of employment for even just one skill you increase your chances of keeping that job indefinitely. If you want to move forward from that spot then once you’ve honed that skill move on to the next step up.

Having a skill you are an expert at is definitely indispensable in any position in life. Always start with focusing on one skill at a time though, so that you make sure you know it inside and out.

Make Sure You Get Noticed

Of course, make sure that you get noticed for the good stuff you do at work, not bad things. Take on projects that will get you noticed, complete them early, and do them right. This is how you get ahead and get noticed.


Always Be One Step Ahead

Another way to ensure your job is yours is to impress the boss. While all of the other tips can help you do just that, it’s also wise to work with your boss every chance that you can get. You can do that be helping them out in areas where their own skills may be lacking, but do it tastefully. You don’t want to step on the bosses toes or make him or her feel like you’re saying they can’t do their job.

If you love your job you definitely should be putting everything into it that you can. Don’t just think of it as work you must do, but as a career that you want to retire from. Plus, ensuring your job won’t go anywhere takes the money stress off your shoulders.

Insights on money, career and trading