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Finding a Good Financial security advisor to Avoid Problems

Posted on September 14, 2015 by Daniel at 10:53 pm

As a layman, people have not the idea of deciding how and where to find a trustworthy and reliable financial advisor. If you have no idea about it, Robert Yancovitch as an experienced financial security advisor can help you in the search for a specialist.

Questions to Ask For

We ask relatives or friends who have some experience of dealing with financial brokers. However, their advice sometimes can get you confused. The best means to find an expert is to know how an advisor can help you in planning your goals and needs into action. Before hiring, ask him a serious of queries that will help you to judge the character and knowledge of the advisor.

You should ask him the reason of why do I deal with you? If a financial planner or investment specialist or an insurance expert fails to answer you, he should not be in that business.

Couple with Financial Advisor


A good advisor should able to explain well about his education, training and certification and the organization for which they are working. These are basic things you may check to find the best specialist. The fewer items he has, the less he is serious about his career selection and the less depth he has to advise you. A reliable expert named Robert Yanconvitch has certified qualification proofs and profiles on the sites like LinkedIn where you can check their social contacts and references for assessment.


What will be your duration of working in the business? The market is full of fresh financial advisors and planners. If you are facing the complex issue of finding a good advisor, going for a licensed financial advisor might be the best solution. You should have services of a good pastor. Unfortunately, if you do not have it, you should look for somewhere else. Divine development is not a requirement for integrity and honesty, but it is a good indicator to judge someone. For this reason, many organizations and sale training specialists give emphasis to the reality that we should be answerable to God.

Ask For References And Testimonials

Ask for references and clients contacts to whom you can speak. Try to find out how his clients and customers feel while working with him or if they would have any issues with him. A financial advisor should charge fairly for his services. He should tell you plainly whether he wants a commission on the profit or fee for planning or advice. The trouble comes in case there is not any disclosure. A dedicated and honest advisor always gives excellent advice regardless of what he is paid.

Two men working in a modern office

Finally, the decision will be in your favor if you will successfully get the answers to above-mentioned questions. You will have a chance to work with a good financial advisor. Do not hesitate to ask his director, vice president or a manager if you feel he has been unresponsive or unfair to you.

You can also information about a financial advisor from other experts such as lawyers, business owners or accountants. They usually have experience of dealing with these advisors so they can assist you well. If they are successful in satisfying you, recommend their names to others as well. They will appreciate your concern and will improve your social relationship.

Robert Yanconvitch is an insurance counselor and financial security advisor of long-term care insurance, critical illness insurance, and life insurance. He has written many journals and articles on finance, medical care insurance plan, and financial security. In case of any trouble, you can get benefit from his legal advice.

Insights on money, career and trading